Jalapeno Peppers


Tony’s Sweet Heat Jalapeno Peppers is what started it all. Tony’s family recipe from the family farm in southern Illinois.  32 oz for you to enjoy!

The original product that started it all, the Sweet Heat Jalapeno Peppers! These peppers are the perfect crunchy complement to your favorite foods and dishes.

The juice that fills the jars of peppers makes a wonderful marinade for pork, chicken & fish.

This product is all-natural and is used by health & fitness professionals nationwide and carried in health & fitness establishments such as Supplement Superstore!  The jalapeno peppers & sweet heat marinade has a kick that will leave you wanting more!

*Refrigerate after opening our products are made with all-natural ingredients


Ingredients Inside Tony's Sweet Heat Jalapeno Peppers

From our family to you

Nutrition Facts

Heading #1
Heading #2
Serving Size
1/4 tsp. (0.9g)
Serving per container
Calories from fat
0 g
Total fat
0 g
Saturated fat
0 g
Trans fat
0 g
0 mg
35 mg
Total Carbohydrates
1 g
Dietary Fiber
0 g
< 1 g
0 g